Parkers_Place_Album_2LATEST RELEASE: Parker’s Place

Parker Bent has been a full-time preschool music teacher in Los Angeles for 10 years, bringing his original music to 500 kids every week. His natural skills of communication with young children have been fine-tuned over 10,000 live performances.

Larry Klein, a 4 time Grammy winning record producer, is also one of the kindest, coolest, and most incredibly generous guys around. This is his first time producing music for children.

Backed by world-class studio musicians with jaw-dropping credits, Parker’s Place is the collaborative result of these two artists, fathers, and all around good guys seeking to make artful music for children (and the adults in their lives). Sometimes heart-warming, sometimes fun, this gorgeous album will make you laugh, rock out in the car, and lull you into sweet, cozy calm.

  1. B500px-Amazon_com_logo_svgeacdbaby_logon
  2. Breakfast Song
  3. Come Love (by Jimmy Reed)
  4. Big Locomotive (by Jesse Fuller)
  5. I Just Want to Rockitunes-logo-700
  6. Hear That Whistle Blow
  7. Favorite Song
  8. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out (by Cat Stevens)
  9. Top of the Hill
  10. Everlasting Light (by The Black Keys)
  11. Lights In Town
  12. Just Call
  13. Soon You Will Be Sleeping


Parker_Album_3Charlie Davidson’s Tricycle Club

  1. Lucky Day
  2. My Little Big Brother
  3. The Dee-luxe Diner
  4. Allow Me
  5. Scooch Back
  6. Notes and Chords
  7. Old MacDonald
  8. Things I Like to Do (mom says I can’t do no more)
  9. Charlie Davidson’s Tricycle Club
  10. Notes and Chords 2
  11. Work for Everyone
  12. Rainy Day
  13. Spaceman Steve
  14. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (live)









I Am Your New Music Teacher

  1. AAA
  2. 26 Letters
  3. Froggy
  4. I Wanna Go Home
  5. I Am Your New Music Teacher
  6. Count On
  7. Farewell